. Première at Festival DDD – RIVOLI Theatre Porto – 12th and 13th May 2017. O POÇO is a machine that operates on vertical agents, harboring and articulating gesture, sound and light in… Continue reading


. Boca Muralha is a duet inspired by the Furies, archetypal entities, with insatiable impetus for revenge and establishment of a norm. Inside a landscape defined by a golden section, where a tarpean rock is… Continue reading


“ He was the most perfect of the archangels. His sin was pride. He could not wait for the fullness of grace and fell before time, like a sour fruit that falls from… Continue reading


by Jonathan saldanha OXIDATION MACHINE from Jonathan Uliel Saldanha on Vimeo. Over 40 uninterrupted hours, the rooms of Casa de Serralves were crystallised through a constant stream of sound and light generated by… Continue reading

S H A R K * The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge

the capitals are in the point of splendour \ after which begins the agony \ its splendour has the freshness of dawn – P.P.P Shark presents a scenic and gestural apparatus that enclosures a technical mechanism for… Continue reading


Eco da Víscera is a film and sound essay by artist and composer Jonathan Saldanha, based on the archetypes manifested in human gatherings, festivities and rituals, and perceived as an attempt to intersect… Continue reading

RAM MAN/ The Quiver Made of Flesh

A scenic construction for one performer, where a space is inhabited by an animal pulse outbreaking from a human body. The mediating place of this zoomorphic transposition, is crossed by movement and air, where… Continue reading


KHORUS ANIMA from Jonathan Uliel Saldanha on Vimeo. KHORUS ANIMA for mixed choir and empty space by Jonathan Saldanha> MAY 12th 2012 – Fábrica ASA/ Estamparia This sonic piece conceived by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha… Continue reading


MOUNTAIN MOUTH Trailer from catarina miranda on Vimeo. 山口 / MOUNTAIN MOUTH – Movie Piece Demarcation of contained territories, through sequences of actions of transportation, exchange and omission of symbolic objects. These perspective devices maintain the dialogue between spaces… Continue reading


. SANCTA VÍSCERA TUA by Jonathan Saldanha Sonic and scenic piece constructed from the archetypes present in the structure of a Via Sacra to be premiered at the Igreja de Santa Clara, the former… Continue reading