House Above the Clouds


Exhibition developed and presented within the scope of “Dance Box/ Maizuru RB” Residence Program 2013 (Maizuru/Kobe _ Japan). Presentation of the pieces “Mountain Mouth” and “House Above the Clouds”.

The central theme of this project follows the interest about cultural production in contemporary societies, from the confrontation between the present moment and collective memory of places, practices and behaviours. Japanese Mythology contains an endless variety of representations about the dialogue between sacred, fantastic and profane spheres, following political re-estructuration over the ages and inspiring among others, Folclore and Classic Arts.

Support: Torindo/DanceBox, Fundação do Museu do Oriente, PAJ/ IPJ, Piso Colectivo, Soopa Collective, Flocks&Shoals. Acknowledgements: Keiko Yamaguchi, Eri Kimura, Takeshi Toyohira, Akiko Sugai and all members from Torindo’s Team, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, M.A.Miranda, A.M. Miranda.

山口 / MOUNTAIN MOUTH – Movie Piece

Demarcation of contained territories, through sequences of actions of transportation, exchange and omission of symbolic objects.

These perspective devices maintain the dialogue between spaces and characters, which, in turn, are subject to processes of unfolding and metamorphosis, revealing multiple possibilities of embodiment.

Regarding the permanent dialogue between what is revealed and what is obliterate, the exterior natural reality appears to prevail solemn and constant, although being a simulacrum of it self

Concept/Direction: Catarina Miranda; Featuring: Keiko Yamaguchi, Eri Kimura, Kumiko Imai, Mitomé Imai , Catarina Miranda; Sound Composition: Jonathan Uliel Saldanha; Sound Collaboration: Yashiro Dounouku Taiko Kai, Dayana Lucas, Filipe Silva; Camara/ Edition: Catarina Miranda
Torindo/ Maizuru RB, DanceBox, Fundação do Museu do Oriente, PAJ/ IPJ, Piso Colectivo, Flocks ans Shoals Collective, Soopa Collective

雲の上の家 House Above the Clouds _Documentary/ Film

An approach to the research towards Japanese Mythology and Folclore, a sequence of videographic material from the set of interviews, lectures, meetings and conversations developed during the Art Residence between Maizuru Rb and Dance Box, period mapped between Maizuru, Kobe, Kyoto, Washi and Osaka.

Featuring: Guest House Above the Clouds,  Kumiko Imai, Mrs Komuro, Reina Kimura, Seiishi Shimoh, Takeshi Tohoyira,  Yashiro Dounouku Taiko Kai, Haruna Udaka, Tatsushige Udaka, Keiko Yamagushi, Wakayagi Ryu Yaten (Mao Nihshimura), Mr.Hiroyuki Yoshioka; Concept/ Direction: Catarina Miranda; Assistant Direction: Keiko Yamagushi; Sound Mastering: Jonathan Uliel Saldanha