Catarina Miranda

I am an artist working with languages that inter­cept image, gesture, voice, scenography and light. My work approaches the body as a vessel for the transformation of inner landscapes and media­tion of hypnagogic states. 

My interest in im­age combined with movement and gesture has al­ways been the formal motor of the outcomes of my processes. The choice for plastic aesthetics supports the composition of pictorial and kinetic cosmologies and the appeal for the illusion effect.

I have presented the stage pieces DREAM IS THE DREAMER, BOCA MURALHA, MAZEZAM and REIPOSTO REIMORTO presented between Palais de Tokyo (DO DISTURB!, Paris, France), Théâtre de Liège (Pays de Danses, Belgium), Serralves Foundation (Museum as Performance, Porto/Portugal), Festivals DDD and Materiais Diversos. 

I have also presented the installations MOUNTAIN MOUTH at Dancebox/Kobe and MaizuruRB/Maizuru, Japan; and DIAGONAL ANIMAL at Festival Fabric (Fall River/ USA) in collaboration with Jonathan Saldanha.

I have finished the Master in Choreography EXERCE at ICI-CCN (Montpellier/ France), the BA in Visual Arts at Fine Arts University (Porto/ Portugal), and the short studies in NOH Theatre at TTT Program 2018 in Kyoto (Japan).


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