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MOUNTAIN MOUTH Trailer from catarina miranda on Vimeo.

山口 / MOUNTAIN MOUTH – Movie Piece

Demarcation of contained territories, through sequences of actions of transportation, exchange and omission of symbolic objects.

These perspective devices maintain the dialogue between spaces and characters, which, in turn, are subject to processes of unfolding and metamorphosis, revealing multiple possibilities of embodiment.

Regarding the permanent dialogue between what is revealed and what is obliterate, the exterior natural reality appears to prevail solemn and constant, although being a simulacrum of it self.

Presented within the scope of “Dance Box/ Maizuru RB” Residence Program 2013 (Maizuru/Kobe _ Japan).

Concept/Direction: Catarina Miranda; Featuring: Keiko Yamaguchi, Eri Kimura, Kumiko Imai, Mitomé Imai , Catarina Miranda; Sound Composition: Jonathan Uliel Saldanha; Sound Collaboration: Yashiro Dounouku Taiko Kai, Dayana Lucas, Filipe Silva; Camara/ Edition: Catarina Miranda
Torindo/ Maizuru RB, DanceBox, Fundação do Museu do Oriente, PAJ/ IPJ, Piso Colectivo, Flocks and Shoals Collective, Soopa Collective