VOCODER & CAMOUFLAGE — Tactics of Decay


VOCODER & CAMOUFLAGE: Tactics of Decay

INSTALLATION  by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha — CAC PASSERELLE BREST/ FR — 2018

TACTICS OF DECAY — Activations — 14th – 17th March 2018 as part of DañsFabrik, Festival de Brest

During the festival DanzFabrik, the machinc installation Vocoder & Camouflage was contaminated by four activations entitled Tactics of Decay. These procedures intercepted the chromatic jungle installed at Passerelle, modulating its inherent toxicity thorugh a formal relation betwen Eco and Narcissus (from Ovid Metamorphoses).

Body & Performance — Catarina Miranda, Alan Briend
Sound and light space — Jonathan Saldanha

More info at www.jonathanulielsaldanha.com