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A spatial evocation for stage, designed for 1 performer and 3 plastic bags, where a fictional topography is activated, establishing a collective imaginary, projected through the development of word and gesture.

The empty space is intercepted by a protocol of coordinates, where a sequence of science fiction events is described and embodied, building a scenic time zone.

The construction of the sensitive experience of the body starts from the exercise of contemplation, where a solitary character stands in contrast to the horizon line. Through the manipulation of plastic objects, the monstrous dimensions of a body-flesh-skin, are put in relation and evidence.

The gesture’s vocabulary is inspired in the codifications of NOH Theatre and used with the aim to generate situations of analogy and abstraction, relating the scenic word.

The themes of this project reflect the interest on Anthropocentrism, Post-Humanism, Aeroscene, Science Fiction, Atomic World and Ecology.

This project saw it’s begging during Master EXERCE between 2016-18 and it will be premiered at DDD Festival, in May 2019.



Artistic Direction, Text, Scenography — Catarina Miranda

Dramaturgy — Catarina Miranda , Jonathan Saldanha

Performance — André Cabral

Choreographic Conception — Catarina Miranda, André Cabral

Music — Jonathan Saldanha

Light — Leticia Skrycky

Costumes’ Support — António Castro

Stage Assistant — Pedro Galante

Executive Production — Sara Gomes

Production — SOOPA

Co-production — DDD Festival / Municipal Theatre Porto; BE MY GUEST International Network

Support — DGARTES/ Portuguese Ministry of Culture, Materiais Diversos (Lisbon, Portugal), Explore Dance Festival (Bucharest, Romania)

Residencies of Creation — Pact Zollverein (Essen, Germany), Nave (Santiago, Chile), Grand Studio (Brussels, Belgium), WASP (Bucharest, Romania); EXERCE/CCN-ICI (Montpellier, France), Espaço do Tempo (Montemor o Novo, Portugal), Srishti Institute (Bangalore, India)

Research Programs — EXERCE/CCN-ICI (Montpellier, France), ; TTT/ Traditional Theatre Training in NOH (Kyoto/Japan)

Aknowlegments — Cristina Planas Leitão, Luísa Saraiva, Sara Abrantes, Sofia Matos


 9th May 2019 — DDD Festival / Porto Portugal


© Leticia Skrycky