REI Trilogy

During the biennium 2015/2016 Miranda has been building and presenting the Trilogy REI (King), a set of dance pieces for stage from the confrontation between methodologies of normalized communication and information, about socio-political reality, in parallel with archetypes of violence and power, transversal to human’s ontology.

The proposal is distinguished by the use of scenic systems, referring to processes of coercion, validation and judgment, as well as the development of simple machinery structures, to enable the lift and collision of objects, materials and bodies.

Each piece is characterized by different approaches to the central theme, the exercise of violence:


SHARK . the celestial emporium of benevolent knowledge

presents a scenic and gestural apparatus that enclosures a technical mechanism for a public execution, in an approach to the invisibility of violence, leading to a process of empathy, vulgarization and to the sensation of coercion on inanimate materials which are normalized, invested with a cargo, gathered and agglomerated as bodies and finally executed as such. Presented at PT15/ Espaço do Tempo, Dock11/ Berlin, Palcos Instáveis – Municipal Theatre of Porto 2015.


REIPOSTO REIMORTO . the slow prose of the world

presents the occupation of a space of triage in its different levels of selection and processing of anthropomorphic materials. Based on the idea of desecration of man and on the reminiscence of a primordial crime (the betrayal and fall of an angel). Coproduction and Première at Municipal Theatre of Porto 2015.



develops the relationship between protocols of confront and military disciplines of organization of the body in space and time, tracing a territory from the impulse of attack, defence and metamorphosis. Co-productions and première at Festival Materiais Diversos and Festival Circular 2016.