. SANCTA VÍSCERA TUA by Jonathan Saldanha Sonic and scenic piece constructed from the archetypes present in the structure of a Via Sacra to be premiered at the Igreja de Santa Clara, the former… Continue reading

House Above the Clouds

雲の上の家 / HOUSE ABOVE THE CLOUDS Exhibition developed and presented within the scope of “Dance Box/ Maizuru RB” Residence Program 2013 (Maizuru/Kobe _ Japan). Presentation of the pieces “Mountain Mouth” and “House Above the… Continue reading


. The repetition is to be persisted in until one is self-capable of sinking earth into water. In the womb seek the ambiguity of the dream-state of ecstatic equilibrium, the moment of reality… Continue reading


. “Repetition and recollection are the same movement, except in opposite directions, for what is recollected has been, is repeated backward, whereas genuine repetition is recollected forward.” _ Repetition, Soren Kierkegaard The portuguese term… Continue reading


make animated gifs like this at MakeAGi BITING SONG/ Supression and Existence Gentileza’s members, shared a recurrent dream, during childhood, referring to a dark abstract place with a spinning shape in the center, massive and… Continue reading