by Jonathan saldanha


OXIDATION MACHINE from Jonathan Uliel Saldanha on Vimeo.

Over 40 uninterrupted hours, the rooms of Casa de Serralves were crystallised through a constant stream of sound and light generated by a multi‑channel diffusion system becoming a temporary immersive capsule.

A group of operators managed the density of this crystallization by manipulating the broadcast feed of signals, archives, sound mechanisms, breath and microphones.
The transmission shapes a crystal landscape constructed from echoes and resends, connecting the particles of time in an odyssey through oxidation states.

The public was invited to spend the night at Casa de Serralves; immersed in sound, color and water.

operators | Aymeric de Tapol, Diogo Tudela, Frédéric Alstadt, Jonathan Saldanha, Gnod, Michael Schmid, Catarina Miranda
production | Lovers & Lollypops
direction | Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

1st activation Casa de Serralves, Serralves Foundation, Porto
08h, 4th June – 24h, 5th June

© Renato Santos