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Eco da Víscera is a film and sound essay by artist and composer Jonathan Saldanha, based on the archetypes manifested in human gatherings, festivities and rituals, and perceived as an attempt to intersect the visceral gesture with pre-language. The film follows a group of people inhabiting different places through an a-chronological montage of a exquisite kind of catastrophe – the loss of the voice. The film builds up as an organizational and temporal structure which develops through a sequence of voice, gesture, sound and light actions performed in bureaucratic spaces, contemporary ruins, cavities and fake jungles, in convergent movements of people, buildings and impetus assembled to reenact an invisible world.  //

Direction | Jonathan Saldanha
Script Support | Manuel Neto, Júlio Mendes Rodrigo, Catarina Miranda
Cinematography Support | Francisco Queimadela, Mariana Caló, Diogo Tudela, Jorge Quintela
Featuring | Igor Bisser, Nuno Pinto, Ana Renata Polónia, Federico Vazzola, Ece Canli, Sérgio Carvalho, Natércia Vaz Marques, Dayana Lucas, Outra Voz.
Staging | Jonathan Saldanha & Catarina Miranda
Camera | Sofia Arriscado
Light | João Teixeira
Video Post-Production | Jonathan Saldanha, Diogo Tudela
Sound Composition | Jonathan Saldanha
Musicians | Jonathan Saldanha, Angélica Salvi, Brendan Hemsworth, João Pais Filipe
Sound Design | Jonathan Saldanha, Frédéric Alstadt
Sound Mastering | Ångstrom Studio
Production | Juan Luis Toboso, Filipa Alfaro e SOOPA

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