Catarina Miranda

Develops research and creation in choreography and video. The interest in cultural anthropology and in particular on archaic remnants of choreography and theater, give an outline for the study of concepts related to the organization of the body in time and space ( place ), in different societies and contexts , as well as the possibility of assigning meaning to pathways, gestures and objects translated into scene.

In her plays, she has been approaching the relationship with the “invisible, death, otherness” creating from empty spaces, maps of action, which are develop over cyclical time structures. (Ram Man/ The Quiver Made of Flesh/2013 , Amenta/2012 , Mazezam/2012).

In previous work, she was especially interested in studying animal’s intuition and large masses in movement, transposing it to a mediated and choreographed space (Flocking-Herding-Shoaling-Swarming/2011, Wudu Volcae/2011).

In her work, she has been addressing more and more, processes of concealment and revelation, making use of different dynamic of light and shadow.

CM is a member of the collective Flocks & Shoals (Berlin), Piso (Pt), Gentileza (Pt) and former member of the Cultural Space AltesFinanzamt, where, among others, she organized and presented cycles of performance: “The Space Between” and “Why is there a shadow in the Kitchen” (Berlin 2010 to 2013).



Portugal, 1982.

Presents the video pieces “Mountain Mouth” and “House Above The Clouds” at DanceBox (Kobe) and RedBrick (Maizuru), integrated in the Residence Program DANCEBOX/ MAIZURU RB (2013, Japan).

Presents the dance pieces “Amenta” (Negócio/ ZDB/ Lisbon, Festival Andaime/ Porto, Dock11/ Berlin 2012), “Ram Man” (Dock11/ Berlin 2013, DanceBox/Kobe 2013, Curator’sl Lab/ Guimarães Cultural Capital2012), “Mazezam” (Altesfinanzamt/ Berlin, Balleteatro/ Porto 2012/ 2011 ), “Flocking Herding Shoaling Swarming” (MicaMoca/ Berlin, GhostProgramm/ Real/Lisbon, Balleteatro/Porto 2011), “Wudu Volcae” (Altesfinanzamt/ Berlin 2011)

Member of Flocks & Shoals Performance Collective with whom presents the piece “Mikrologie der Krisis” (Tatwerk/ Berlin, Balleteatro/ Porto, Hoftheater/ Berlin 2012).

Member of Piso Collective, focused on collaborative methods of creation with whom organizes Cultural events and Visual Exhibitions since 2008. With Piso developed and presented the “Displacement Project” (Eventos Paralelos – Manifesta 8/ Múrcia, Espacio Abyssal/Bilbao, Altesfinanzamt/ Berlin 2011/ 2010) and “Lawine Festival” (Berlin, Valência, Porto 2009/ 2010, supported by European Cultural Foundation, GDA, Universidade do Porto);

Member of Projecto Gentileza with whom develops Sound and Performance research since 2005. Presents the “Bitting Song Concert” (ElectroCircus/ Geneve, Long Night of Artists at HAU/ Berlin, AMIW/Wien, KnotFestival/ Berlin, Altesfinanzamt/ Berlin, Passos Manuel Lawine/Porto 2009/ 2011).

Former member of the Cultural Space Altes Finanzamt in Berlin (February 2010-2013). Presents and organizes the Performance Cycles “Why is there a shadow in the kitchen?” and “The space between” (supported by Portuguese Nacional Centre of Culture).

Singing Rehearser for the sound piece KHORUS ANIMA for choir and percussion, by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, presented at Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture, featuring the local Choirs “Outra Voz”, “Mulheres do Minho” and the percussion ensemble “Alcateia”.

Graduated in Visual Arts/Painting at Fine Art’s School (University of Porto 2001/06); Concluded the “Inovart” Program/2009 at Sparwasser HQ Gallery/ Berlin and “Leonardo Da Vinci” Program/ 2010 at Altes Finanzamt/ Berlin

Studied Dance and Performance: Classical Ballet by Royal Academy of Dance (Coimbra 1986/1998); Contemporary Dance and Improvisation Training (1999/ 2004), “Dance for the Community” Course at Fórum Dança/ Porto 2004/05), Dance Course “F.I.A.” at C.E.M./ Lisbon 2006/07, “Berlin Post School For Physical Theatre and Dance” Course at K.I.M./ Tanzfabrik/Berlin 2010.

Among others, highlights the participation at the following Residency Programs: DanceBox/ Maizuru RB (Kobe e Maizuru/Japan, 2013), “Skite/Sweet and Tender” (Porto, 2008), Mugatxoan  (Artelequ/ San Sebastian, Fundação de Serralves/ Porto 2008), Casa Hoffman (Curitiba, Brazil 2007).