BURNING ECLIPSE proposes a line of investigation and creation of the artist Catarina Miranda, who approaches the body as an entity that articulates different dimensions of expression between states of altered conscious and choreographic movement.

Seeking to define an axis between the skin contour and the occult interior, the body, here classified as an entity in itself, is viewed as a cognitive platform, emitting / receiving a multi-apparitional flow.

BURNING ECLIPSE is a double project, proposing to place in dialogue two parallel and interdependent proposals; the first, POROMECHANIC a series of video portraits of artists subjected to haptic immersion states, interposed with CABRA QIMERA a choreographic score, for a dance piece on states of detonation.



Physical testimonies of artists who induced to immersion states through haptic, proprioceptive and vocal / vibrational stimulation processes, reach pre-consciousness levels enclosed in the subject matter of these living, visionary bodies, promoting the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and the transparency of the cognitive substrate through physical impulses.



Mythological creature, hybrid between lion, goat and snake, spitting fire, the chimera seduces and kills the one that comes to it. To better confront it, it is better to surprise her in her deepest haunts.

The composition, based on rhythm, voice and mechanisms of illusion, proposes the merging of a group of performers into a monstrous, hybrid unity, a seemingly impossible being, armed with plural moods, desires and libi­do in a collective entity formed by fusion, negotia­tion and synthesis — a chimera goat.

The archetypal dimension is operated from a formal frame that transposes the narrative to an abstract and inhuman level, a maximum aestheticization of the real, projecting the body to an extreme otherness and opening the terrain of fiction.




Materiais Diversos (Lisbon/Portugal)


Municipal Theatre of Porto (Porto/Portugal); SOOPA (Porto/Portugal); CND (Paris/France); ICI-CCN (Montpellier/France) & Life Long Burning; Be My Guest;


WALK & TALK (Azores/Portugal), Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo/Portugal)