BOCA MURALHA — dance piece

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Dance duet inspired by the Furies, archetypal entities, with insatiable impetus for revenge and establishment of a norm. Inside a landscape defined by a golden section, where a tarpean rock is evoked (ancestral stone from where traitors were thrown), two characters obsessively interact with their own reflection, revealing in their gestures, timeless vestiges of practices of attack, defense and dissimulation. A territory of synchronous correlations is established by the reiteration of gesture and voice, imposing the unfolding of different anatomies, the armor-mask, the electrical surface. The commotion and anticipation of outbreak, determine a permanent state of surveillance, throughout the succession of nocturnal and diurnal landscapes. Boca Muralha is the last moment of REI, a trilogy of dance pieces that explores scenic mechanisms, producing states of tension, revealers of conflict and coercion, present in the contemporary imaginary.


12th-14th April 2019 | Do Disturb Festival | Palais de Tokyo | Paris Fr

6th-8th April 2017 | TECA – National Theatre São João | Porto Pt

30th September 2016 | Circular Festival | Vila do Conde Pt

22nd September 2016 | Materiais Diversos Festival | Torres Novas Pt


Artistic Direction | Scenography | Costumes | Light | Catarina Miranda
Dramaturgic Support | Music | Light | Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Choreography | Catarina Miranda, Luísa Saraiva
Performance| Ángela Quintela, Luísa Saraiva, Marco Tavares, Marco Olival
Recorded Voices | Catarina Miranda, Luísa Saraiva
Light Operation | Mariana Rego/ Renato Marinho
Illustration | Video | Diogo Tudela
Communication Support | Diogo Tudela, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Production | SOOPA
Organization|Ana Renata Polónia, Juan Luis Toboso, Sara Gomes
Co-production | Materiais Diversos, Festival Circular
Support | Direção Geral das Artes, Câmara Municipal do Porto, OFICINA/ Centro Cultural Candoso, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Nacional São João, Companhia Instável, Circolando
Aknowledgements |  Teatro Virgínia, Centro Cultural Cartaxo, Associação do Jogo do Pau de Espinheiro.

PORTUGAL QUE DANÇA – CATARINA MIRANDA from catarina miranda on Vimeo.

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Show at TECA/ National Theatre Porto

BOCA MURALHA > TECA/ São João National Theatre Porrtugal > Excerpt from catarina miranda on Vimeo.


Photography by / Fotografia por Maria do Carmo Louceiro


BOCA MURALHA _ Maria do Carmo Louceiro2.jpg