MAZEZAM — performance

A choreographic exercise for spatial refraction, where two bodies in uninterrupted rotation draw a path simultaneously static and progressive.

The repetition of gesture and light come to potentiate the transformation of the scenic and organic matters and to redefine the hypnagogic perception of time. The sound composition occupies the scenic space, resizing the cosmological site and approaching timbre strategies of concrete music and Japanese Noh Theatre.

Mazezam is inspired in the book “Bardo Thodol – Liberation Through Hearing During The Intermediate State”, developing the idea of the body in the state of transition.


Direction, Light, Scenography — Catarina Miranda

Performance — Alexandre Tavares, Marco Tavares

Sound Composition — Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

Exterior Eye— Cristina Planas Leitão, Luísa Saraiva

Collaboration — Rosabel Huguet

2010 Cast — Catarina Miranda, Rosabel Huguet

Support —SOOPA, Serralves Foundation, DGArtes, Circolando, Companhia Instável, Altesfinanzamt, Flocks&Shoals, Balleteatro, marionet Theatre



2018 – Museum as Performance – Serralves Museum/ Porto

2010 – Altes Finantzam/Berlin; Balleteatro/Porto; Casa das Artes Bissaya Barreto/Coimbra



MAZEZAM Excerpt – THE MUSEUM AS PERFORMANCE 2018 – Serralves Museum from catarina miranda on Vimeo.