COBRA’CORAL — voice trio

Vocal project for 3 distinct interrelated voices working within a system of organization. 

A structure of transference that keeps the cohesion of a common pulse as well as sundry dynamics of reaction and adaptation to variation, establishing rythmic, imagetic and narrative landscapes.

A practice of placing signs and codes within a string of time, drawing circular states of mirroring, association and rupture, building up a live and common vocabulary for an ever-changing pyramid.

The project is composed by Catarina Miranda, Clélia Colonna and Ece Canli.

COBRACORAL – crow / goats / ants
improvisations For Walk & Talk 9.5

COBRACORAL proposes a series of vocal improvisations based on the names of animals that give the title to some islands and islets in the Azores.
These improvisations are organized around a circular pulse system, a triangular structure that maintains the variation of sound elements and that has been developed by the collective.