Scenic development that proposes the construction of a place, implying a beginning and a center — a cosmogony.

A map of relationships and experiences is put in evidence by the activation of centers of tension through the construction of fictionalized contemporary landscapes and recycling ecosystems from which maters and debris are produced on the basis of the concept Plastigomerate (sculptural objects put together by the union of human waste and raw maters through processes of marine and wind erosion).

Inspired by the AEROCENE movement the construction of the hypnagogic experience of the body is triggered by the exercise of looking up and contemplating the infinite unknown, where the individual stands in contrast to the horizon line, reinventing himself as a multiple entity, post-human and simultaneously archetypal.

The relation between an image-space and physical vitality is generated by a solitary character who seeks, through processes of construction of a body-skin-flesh, the timeless monstrous and sublime dimensions of his own realms.

In order to create a charged heterogeneous scene, actions are structured according to processes of division, separation and delimitation of borders, questioning the value of occupation of space, with reference to the excerpt from Georges Perec: Frontiers are lines. Millions of men are dead because of these lines. Thousands of men are dead because they didn’t manage to cross them. Death as come for millions of men, from a slight difference in level between two points that exist less than a hundred meters apart.



DRAMATURGIC SUPPORT — Jonathan Saldanha, Cristina Planas Leitão

MUSIC — Jonathan Saldanha

Support: SOOPA, Grand Studio Brussels, Materiais Diversos, Circular Festival, Espaço do Tempo; Project integrated in the frame of Master EXERCE at CCN—ICI Montpellier



1st – 18th Nov 2017 — CCN—ICI Montpellier

19th Nov – 1st Dec 2017 — Laboratoires Aubervilliers Paris

11th – 20th Dec 2017 — Companhia Instável Porto

5th – 12th Feb 2018 — CCN—ICI Montpellier

5th – 13th May 2018 — Grand Studio Brussels

14th – 28th May 2018 — CCN—ICI Montpellier

4th – 17th February — Espaço do Tempo / Montemor o Novo



IN PROCESS — 1st Dec 2017 — Laboratoires Aubervilliers Paris

IN PROCESS — 12th May 2018 — Grand Studio Brussels

IN PROCESS — 29th May 2018 — CCN—ICI Montpellier

PRÈMIER — September 2019 — CIRCULAR Festival